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After a lifetime of experience, we aim to help others achieve excellence and success, even when they don't think they can.

One-on-One Coaching

We offer discreet coaching to actors, performers, presenters, and politicians. Many people, when facing the prospect of appearing in front of an audience or camera, think they won't have the talent to pull it off. But talent is just frosting on the cake. All you truly need are a handful of skills that are not hard to learn — how to replace fear with purpose, how to make the audience or viewers your friends, and how to surpass their expectations. Once you're in control, you can actually have fun.

In addition, two workshops are available, arrangement upon request:

Advanced Acting — Craft & Career

A 4-hour workshop for students who are considering a career in screen acting. We offer straightforward keys to high quality acting, using scene readings and video playback as learning tools. And we provide a sensible system for determining your own suitability for an acting career.

Writing — The Craft of Story Structure

A 2-hour seminar that compiles and simplifies the best teaching about the basics of storytelling, so afterward you can spend your time thinking about the story you're telling rather than worrying about how to tell it. Q&A encouraged throughout.

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