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Kim Murdock

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I received my B.A. and Masters degrees, not in computer programming or math or anything even slightly related to technology. I got them in theatre — and headed from UC San Diego to Hollywood to embark on an acting career.

As I began to get roles on TV, I also took temp work in technology. Lo and behold, I found it more rewarding, challenging and, let’s face it, steadier. In fact, it was love at first sight.

I officially gave up acting in the early 90s, started seeking permanent jobs in legal tech, and moved from document processor to system manager, and then into management as a technology director.

But I learned that the higher I climbed the ladder, the less hands-on my job became. I missed the personal triumph of wrestling puzzles into submission. So I founded my own consulting company, which later became Appkickers Technology. Now I kick app for law firms all over California.

New technology is unleashed on us with great speed and touches so many facets of our lives. But whether it's on your desk or wrist, it only helps if it's actually useful. Making technology manageable, productive, even enjoyable for the person whose work depends on it — that’s what keeps me interested.

In recent years, I've enjoyed adding community service to my plate as an Administrative Hearing Officer in my small town of Pacific Grove. I perform a quasi-judicial role, hearing appeals involving city ordinances, much like a traditional magistrate. Recently, a case about a pet pig gained notoriety in the local news. And my decision was upheld in Superior Court. You can read about it to the right.

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